Mike Belliveau
Mike Belliveau has worked for 30 years as a science policy analyst, health advocate and social entrepreneur. He directs the Environmental Health Strategy Center, which promotes human health and safer chemicals in a sustainable economy. Mike led the 2008 campaign to pass a landmark safer chemicals reform law in Maine, and other policies to replace dangerous chemicals such as mercury, lead and PBDEs with safer alternatives. He co-founded a business-led, green chemistry consortium to develop innovative technology to turn Maine potato waste and wood chips into nontoxic, value-added plastics.In the last decade, Mike has played a national leadership role in the health-based movement to overhaul federal chemical policy. In 2005, he co-founded SAFER, the national alliance behind the growing wave of state-based safer chemical reforms.Mike holds an environmental science degree from MIT. He previously served as project director for Toxics & Clean Production at the Natural Resources Council of Maine, and executive director of Communities for a Better Environment (CBE) in California.