Andy Igrejas: Safer Chemicals Healthy Families is a coalition of 450 health and environmental organizations, industrial unions and steel and automobiles, as well as businesses—some large, some small from around the country. There’s a broad political spectrum, actually of membership in the organization and the coalition.

Nancy Buermeyer: We’re here to say to Congress, “You need to pass a law, but it needs to be a strong law that really protects vulnerable populations and gets the job done.

Andy Igrejas: We’ve seen the power of the marketplace to make changes that have helped people—that have led to safer products and safer materials.

Jessica Alba: I found out that there are a lot of toxic chemicals in everyday products and I was more horrified to find out that there are toxic chemicals in baby products.

News reporter 1: You can expect to see a lot of strollers on the Hill today because parents, children, celebrities, and cancer survivors are coming together for a Stroller Brigade.

News reporter 2: They want Congress to update laws on toxic chemicals, some which are found in toys and food, that studies have linked to cancer and birth defects. That event starts at 10 AM.

Jennifer Beals: Well, it’s a group of hundreds of parents coming together to urge Congress to enact stronger laws regulating toxic chemicals, and for me, I just grew tired of feeling like I needed to have a Ph.D. in toxicology in order to be a competent parent.

Lindsay Dahl: 2013 was a really important year for us online. We reached people that we hadn’t talked to before, we expanded our movement, and more importantly we really had those online conversations and we brought them offline. Last year alone Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families’ email list doubled—and we’re really exicted and grateful for all of the members that talk to us online through Facebook and Twitter every single day.

We hosted a Twitter chat during the Senate hearing on the Chemical Safety Improvement Act and we had tons of coalition partners—we had a grassroots activist, and Jennifer Beals all live-tweeting for seven hours throughout the hearing, and at the end of the day we ran the numbers and we reached over 7.4 million people.