Voice 1: I want to protect my children!

Voice 2: Is it safe to use these products while I’m pregnant?

Voice 3: Why would you want me to take that risk?

Voice 4: We should know what’s in our products.

Voice 5: Despite my best efforts, I am still full of harmful chemicals.

Voice 6: They need to do more!

Voice 7: They’re dangerous chemicals.

Voice 8: Walgreens needs to mind the store. It’s time.

Alesia Lucas: I’m here in Chesapeake, Virginia, and all across America, people are doing exactly what I’m doing today and they’re bringing back their toxic chemical products to Walgreens and telling them to mind the store.

Sarada Tangirala: We went inside to return cosmetic products that contain harmful chemicals in them.

Jeff Gerhart: Get rid of the vinyl and plasticizers in it and clean up their act. Let’s go!

Katie Simpson: I’m a nursing mom. I have a ten-month-old and a two-and-a-half year old and it’s unacceptable that these chemicals are in my body and being passed along to my children.

Tracy Gregoire: Moms like me want safe products for our kids, but we can’t do it alone. We need Walgreens and other retailers to get toxic chemicals out of their products and off their store shelves.

Joyce Stein: I’m Joyce Stein, I’m a neonatal intensive care nurse, and I just think Walgreens needs to take more accountability for what their products are and make sure they’re safer, especially if it’s in children, which is as patients that they usually take care of.

Vi Waghiyi: I’m a Southern Yupik, mother and grandmother. We need to protect the health and wellbeing of our people, not only here in Alaska but worldwide.

Anne Brock (Flour Sack Mama): Walgreens, will you mind the store?

Jennifer Canvasser: Walgreens, please mind the store and get toxics off your shelf!