Andy Igrejas: Why didn’t our law work in the first place? And, what are the critical improvements we need to make sure the public is protected? We have a standing room only crowd here at the Environment Public Works Committee Hearing. And I’m Andy Igrejas with Safer Chemicals Healthy Families. Today’s hearing is really about airing the issues with chemical policy and making sure that Congress gets it right. It’s really public health that’s on the line if we get it wrong.

Nancy Buermeyer: I’m here today on behalf of the millions of men and women living with breast cancer around the country to say that our current toxic law has completely failed the American public. We’re here to say to Congress, “You need to pass a law, but it needs to be a strong law that really protects vulnerable populations and gets the job done.”

Ansje Miller: There’s no reason that a mother should have to make a choice between this baby bib, which contains high levels of lead, and this baby bib, which is perfectly safe. We need strong federal protections, and ones that also preserve the rights of the states to protect their own residents.

Daniel Rosenberg: We’re talking to Senators and their staffs, and urging them to fix the bill in ways that it can move forward with much broader support, and with an assurance that the public will be protected by the law that they pass.

Andy Igrejas: The hearing today is very important. It’s about the Senators hearing from the experts, but they really need to hear from people back home in their districts, and that means you. If you want to get involved, come to our website at, get on our email list, join us on Facebook as well, and get involved in this debate.

Ansje Miller: Make it stronger.

Daniel Rosenberg: Make it stronger.

Nancy Buermeyer: Make it stronger.