(including TDCPP or chlorinated tris; and TBB and TBPH in Firemaster 550)

Flame retardants are found in nap mats, changing pads, couches, children's mattresses, nursing pillows, foam insulation and other products.
Potential health effects include:

Commonly found in:

Consumer tips:
Flame retardants are often added to foam cushions in couches, chairs and mats; to plastics used in electronics and other products; and in foam insulation. Ask manufacturers to learn whether flame retardants are present in a particular product.

Tell retailers to stop selling products made with toxic flame retardants and other chemicals.

* Under our weak federal laws, it’s impossible for us to know all the uses of flame
retardants in consumer products. As a result, this is not an exhaustive list of
all products containing flame retardants.