Sommer Poquette

When I had my son (almost 6 years ago) my dad told me to buy BPA free bottles and I shrugged him off thinking it was crazy that plastic baby bottles were made of a suspected dangerous chemical. Baby care products and cleaning products on the shelves at my grocery store have to be safe because my mother and grandmother have used them and I am fine, right? Except, I have fertility issues and my mother used to chase the pesticide fogger down the street on her bike with the neighborhood children; a correlation I can or cannot say but I have my opinion.

Needless to say, my second daughter has severe asthma and I had a light bulb moment three years ago while watching Oprah’s Earth Day episode that made me realize that marketing is what sells the products on the shelves at the grocery store and the bottom line, not safety and consumer health. From that day forward I become an advocate and dedicated parent to helping educate myself on safer, cleaner, greener products and options for our families. In other words, I stopped believing what I was hearing on television in magazines and started asking questions, reading mom blogs, contacting companies and finding that we as consumers have to read labels carefully and tell companies and the government that trade secrets and undisclosed ingredients are not okay. Using the common sense approach to basic ingredients, fluorescent colors not being okay in my foods and cleaners and seeking out alternatives, our lives have changed.

It takes millions of these stories and wake up calls but we’ll get there. Moms and dads can change the world. I believe this and wished I would have listened to my own dad 6 years ago. I’ve forgiven myself and know I’m making a safer home environment for my children and that online I make a ripple and with the other mom bloggers, we’ll be tidal wave before long! It just takes making small changes and down the road we see a difference. Just 3 years ago glass bottles took me 6 weeks to order and for three I paid a high price and now they’re on the shelves of every pharmacy and big box store! We just have to not give up!