Letter grade = C
Total points = 53 out of 130

CVS Health attained a grade of C based on a score of 53 points, the third highest score of any retailer evaluated. CVS Health developed a “Cosmetic Safety Policy” and in 2016 disclosed it has developed a list of “Chemicals of Consumer Concern” (CCCs). The company states in its most recent sustainability report: “(We) actively identify and prioritize the replacement of CCCs with safer alternatives in certain CVS Brand categories, including beauty, baby and personal care, and food products. As new, conclusive research is published on how certain chemical ingredients are linked to health and environmental risks, and safer alternatives are made available, we apply our Cosmetic Safety Policy. This policy outlines our commitments to customer safety, scientific research, supplier collaboration and continuous improvement as well as the evaluation and replacement of CCCs in CVS Brand products. In 2015, we began the process of developing a sustainable products policy to further inform our strategy and commitments.” CVS Health recently became the first major pharmacy chain in the country to become a signatory of the Chemical Footprint Project, and the only one of the eleven retailers graded to sign on to date. The company has also pledged to disclose its restricted substance list in 2017.

Opportunities for improvement: CVS can continue to improve its safer chemicals program by setting public quantifiable goals with clear timelines for reducing and eliminating chemicals of high concern, developing guidance for suppliers on evaluating alternatives, and getting private label cleaning products certified to meet third-party standards such as EPA Safer Choice, Made Safe or Green Seal. CVS Health should pilot the Chemical Footprint Project with key private label suppliers.

Summary of CVS Health’s Grade


12 out of 15

Oversight: Assigned corporate management responsibility
12 out of 15 points

8 out of 20

Policy: Adopted a retailer safer chemicals policy
8 out of 20 points

5 out of 10

Disclosure: Requires suppliers to report use of chemicals in products to retailer
5 out of 10 points

8 out of 10

Action: Reduced or eliminated chemicals of high concern within the last three years
8 out of 10 points
safer alternatives

2.5 out of 10

Safer Alternatives: Evaluates safer alternatives, avoids regrettable substitutes
2.5 out of 10 points

3.5 out of 15

Transparency: Demonstrates a commitment to transparency and public disclosure
3.5 out of 15 points

2.5 out of 10

Chemical Footprint: Evaluates its chemical footprint
2.5 out of 10 points
third-party standards

0 out of 10

Third-Party Standards: Promotes credible third party standards for safer products
0 out of 10 points

Extra Credit


5 out of 5

Dialogue: Engaged in safer chemicals dialogue with the Mind the Store campaign
5 out of 5 points
joint announcement

1.5 out of 5

Joint Announcement: Public commitment demonstrated through joint announcement
1.5 out of 5 points
continuous improvement

0 out of 10

Continuous Improvement: Show continuous improvement by steadily expanding safer chemicals policy
0 out of 10 points
safer products

0 out of 5

Safer Products: Program to promote safer products in stores and/or on website
0 out of 5 points

5 out of 5

Collaboration: Actively participates in collaborative process to promote safer chemicals
5 out of 5 points

Letter grade = C

Total points = 53 out of 130