Watch actor, mother, and business owner Jessica Alba stand up for safer chemicals with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families.

When did you start to care about the use of toxic chemicals in consumer products?

Jessica Alba: I’ve always been conscious, Eco-conscious and environmentally conscious, but it’s completely different when you bring a newborn into the world. You know that it’s not your choices that are affecting your health, but they’re affecting a newborn baby who’s completely vulnerable.

What steps did you take when you learned toxic chemicals are found in household products?

Jessica: I did a lot of research from the furniture I bought, to the mattresses I slept on, to the mattresses my child slept on.

Was it easy to find safe products for your family?

Jessica: Most if not all products, at most retailers, had ton of chemicals in them and they were completely unregulated. And, I found that the ones that weren’t were products I had to buy from Europe and from Japan, because their standards are much higher than ours and their products just weren’t made with all of these toxic chemicals.

Why did you partner with Safer Chemicals Healthy Families?

Jessica: I’m now pregnant with my second child. I jumped on board with this campaign to try to advocate that companies change their ways. Our standards should be higher. Please join me and Safer Chemicals Healthy Families and sign up on