Phthalates are found vinyl flooring, children's backpacks, building materials, personal care products, fragrances, children's lunch boxes and other products.

Potential health effects include:

Commonly found in:

Consumer tips:
Phthalates are found in most soft vinyl (PVC) products. Unfortunately, you can’t tell if there are phthalates in personal care products without laboratory testing. If the label says “fragrance,” it may have phthalates. To learn whether there are phthalates in your flooring, shower curtains, childrens’ lunchboxes, or other products, ask the manufacturer.

Tell retailers to stop selling products made with phthalates and other chemicals.

* Under our weak federal laws, it’s impossible for us to know all the uses of phthalates in consumer products. As a result, this is not an exhaustive list of all products containing phthalates.