We did it!Here is the number: 202-224-3121. Find out if your Senator is already a co-sponsor here.

  • Five minutes: Encourage your friends on Facebook and Twitter to call their Senators, asking to support the Safe Chemicals Act.  
  • OR Send a personal email to your Senator. This has a big impact and only takes a few minutes. Simply go the website of your U.S. Senators and under their contact page, they will have an email submission form. Send an email urging your support. They read these emails and take them seriously.
  • Thirty minutes: Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. This shouldn’t take more than 15- 30 minutes. Here is a post I wrote giving some tips to make it easy. By sending a letter to your local newspaper, you can spread the word to your local community and raise the profile of this important issue.
  • And finally, please tell your friends. Inspiring your friends and family to act will go a long way. Please share this post with those that you love and share the same vision of a less toxic future. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth, the ‘grassroots’ are the path towards positive change!

It was just two months ago that hundreds of moms, cancer survivors, nurses and concerned individuals gathered at the Capitol for the National Stroller Brigade. The success of this event helped show Congress that we’re tired of waiting and we want new laws that protect our families from toxic chemicals.

If the Stroller Brigade was any indication of the impact a small, but tenacious group of individuals can have, then bring it on! Let’s show Congress that there are millions of Americans fed up with toxic chemicals and we’re demanding they do something about it.